5 Things You must know before Bringing home a new dog

Bringing home a new dog is a delightful thing to imagine. But bring a dog is not the only thing you should do. There are so many things. So knowing those five things is very important to take great care of him with big love and affection and to keep him very healthier in his future. Let’s consider those six things.

  1. your ability to give attention to your dog 
  2. Consider meal planning before bringing home a new dog.
  3. They need exercise.  Be mindful before bringing home a new dog.
  4. They become dirty every time 
  5. Cage training.

1)Ability to give attention to your dog.

Do you know? To bring a dog to your home, you should have the ability to give attention to him. These puppies have a lot of stress, depression though you don’t know. Which means It’s mandatory to spend about 20 to 30 minutes per day with these dogs. It’s ok to keep a particular time to do that.

There are plenty of causes to have stress, depression for your dog. It can be because separating from his mother or some other cases. So spending time like before told is very helpful to reduce those mental problems. Then he can grow up with a good mental state and firmly in your home.

So before bringing a new puppy to your home, you must ask yourself, “Do I have time to spend some time with this dog.” if the answer is “yes,” you should consider what are things you consider in order to buy a dog and buy him.

2)Consider meal planning before bringing home a new dog.

At least we must give 5-6 meals per day. But don’t do it the way you feel. It’s mandatory to get instructions from a doctor to match the nutrition levels of your puppy. Oh, there is a special thing to tell you. Never give them food to the ground, although your home is immaculate. Consider about it. It may cause to harm his health and it reduces your dog’s appetite for food.

That’s not all we should give him to drink water all day. For that, it’s compulsory to provide pure water in a clear cup. And also, providing food with a bowl is helping keep the good health of your dog, and you can train him.

That’s not all if you are going to give food as your wish in all-day, do you know what happened? He will eat meals. He will cause to spread bad smell everywhere by putting shit. Then you will feel what is the hell is this? And it may cause to come stomach ache. So you have to go to a well-planned meal plan. Then only your puppy will become healthier and pleasant to you.

3)They need exercise.  Be mindful before bringing home a new dog.

As well as humans, they also need exercise. You must think about this before bringing home a new dog. After he becomes your family member, you must do activities with him. You can run with him. You can buy some toys and play with him. You can go for a walk to the park.

Doing this is very useful for their health, too, as well as your health. Exercises are essential to the activity of bones, muscles, and joints.

So when you are going to bring home a new dog, be mindful as well as bring him, they need exercises to keep his long term health.

4)They become dirty every time.

Before bringing home a new dog, you should mindful they become dirty every time. They very like to play with muds. Sleep on his urine. Saliva falling every time. So they required to clean every time. Otherwise, it is unfair to them, and you will not feel to get him inside your house.

So before bringing home a new dog, you need to know as they become dirty every time you have to allocate some time to clean them. For that, you should have a systematic program. Bath them at least once per week. That’s not all clean the coat every day with a brush. So I think you should bring a puppy to your home if you can make that sacrifice.

5)cage training

When we are going to get a puppy as a family member, the next thing we should consider is cage training. Why we need cage training? It will become a massive problem if you are not willing to give them cage training. By training cage, to provide them with dog houses outside the home, you can keep them inside the living area of your home.

They will learn the cage is his environment, his own house with this cage training. Then they used to keep one place to eating, sleeping. Then you can keep your home with much clarity.

Love your dog, although you have a lot of things as your world, his all-world is you. Comment below your ideas too. Bye cheers.

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