My Husband Wants A Dog And I Don’t.[7 Reasons & Solutions]

dog and husband and wife

I’m a dog person, but not before. I had the same experiences as you. Dogs can ruin our personal lives unless we do the right things at the right time. So, let’s find out why does your husband wants a dog and you don’t.

The husband may prefer to own a dog, and you don’t because dogs can ruin privacy, Having to incur an additional monthly expense, lack of time & energy for the dog, owning a dog too responsible and risky, dog hair allergies to you, they mess up the house, lack of space or you don’t have a backyard.

I was suffering from this problem for a month-long ago, and now I’m pleased with my life. Although my husband wanted a dog, I didn’t. Do you wanna know how I figure it out? Keep reading.

Reasons why does your husband want a dog, but you don’t?

The dog is a good friend, and there is no doubt about that. But if you are an anti-dog person, you don’t need that kinda excuses.

It is a well-known fact that we have both pros and cons of having a dog, and if you are an anti-dog person, you will see the wrong side more than the good one. We can critically think about why my husband wants a dog, and I don’t.

Like I said before, there are multi sides to having a dog. Most probably, my husband thinks about the pros. As my husband think the reason why we have a dog is

  • They are good protectors
  • Good for mental health
  • Dogs are sweet
  • Dogs can help people
  • They can break the loneliness
  • Dogs are amiable
  • They are attractive
  • Having a dog is a pride
  • Reduce stress
  • Dogs make us more lovely

When I refused to raise a dog, my husband listed out the above facts. Now what? Can I accept the failure? Not at all.

I’m not gonna get any of them because I don’t like dogs, although my husband does. I’m gonna mention my rejection list. Observe and think about whether this fact is familiar to you or not.

1. Dogs ruin our privacy

Dogs always wanna come between us, even the bedroom. Is that ok? On my side, that’s not ok.

As a couple, we need some privacy to share our feelings and matters. When a dog comes to us, my husband will focus on him/her.

2. We have to spend extra money

I’m not a simple woman, and money is very valuable. After bringing a dog, we have to feed him/her and take medicine and vitamins. And also we have to visit the vet.

How can we save money like that? Although my husband wants a dog, I don’t because we have to save our money for a promising future.

3. We do not have enough time and energy for a dog.

We both work outside. When we leave home, who takes care of that innocent buddy.

He/she has to stay alone most of the day. Because of our busyness, we cannot raise a dog.

4. That’s too responsible and risky

Having a god is not a simple thing. You have to take care of him/her for a lifetime. If you are an outdoor worker like me, the problem is too high.

Under this circumstance, we have to take them to walk, exercise, arrange his/her protection, etc.

As a busy woman, I can’t do those things on time. That’s why I don’t want a dog, although my husband does.

5. Dog hair is allergic to me

This is disgusting. Do you like when dogs’ hair is kept everywhere, such as on the couch, sofa, bed, carpet? That’s so unclean.

That makes me sick all the time. Given this matter, I’m going to refuse to have a dog, but my husband still wants to.

6. I don’t wanna mess up my house

When we have a dog, he/she always tries to do new things because dogs are energetic, active, and playful.

Sometimes they will destroy my carpet, bite my valuable furniture, dig my garden, destroy my stuff, etc.

How do you feel when your dog acts like that? Although my husband wants a dog, I don’t want a dog because of the above fact.

Here is why the dog might chew your shoes and other belongings.

7. We do not have a sufficient backyard.

If we raise a dog, the first thing we should consider is security besides freedom and health.

Does it mean that you cannot raise a dog without filling basic needs?

Yes, of course. I don’t wanna change my mind because the dog is not secure enough in my house.

Here is why your husband/boyfriend might choose the dog over you with 9 reasons.

What to do if you don’t need a dog and your husband tries to bring one?

Everyone is not the same. Both you and your husband should learn how to respect others’ opinions. As I think, in a relationship, love is not essential. Mutual understanding is more important than love.

Without this fact, you can do nothing, and your relationship is not long. What do you do if your husband wants a dog and you don’t? Let’s see.

I’m gonna give some options. Let him know the consequences of having a dog, show him how hard having a dog is at this moment, and ask for help from a counselor.

If your husband wants a dog, although you don’t, that is kind of a selfish decision.

In my experience, if you are not a dog person and if you work outside, taking care of a dog is very difficult. Because they need exercises, training, food on time, etc.

So your husband has to listen to you and agree with you. If he refuses your interpretation, he is not a good guy.

As an anti-dog person, you will not be able to deal with a dog in your house. Because dogs mass up everywhere. And they ruin your stuff. Besides, you have to release enough energy when you are with a dog.

Your freedom will be a dream. After listing out these issues, you can explain them to your partner.

The next option is meeting a counselor. This is a good thing because no one gets upset in this session. Both you and your husband should get used to taking advice from an expert.

Here is why you might have jealous of the husband's/boyfreiend's dog.

What do you do if your husband wants another dog but you don’t?

In my interpretation, having one dog is enough for an average family. Life is changing, and we don’t know what will happen next. If you are not a dog person, dealing with two dogs will become a punishment for you.

In this situation, you can get help from your friends, fix a time and talk with your husband. Unfortunately, you have a few options to solve this problem.

As a housewife, you might have children. So you will not be able to take care of two dogs as well. Your husband has to understand this issue, and if he refuses your complaint, you have to Judge him.

Sometimes your friends also suffer from this problem. The best thing is to discuss your matter with your friends. Friends always give good solutions.

Sometimes your friends also suffer from this problem. The best thing is to discuss your matter with your friends. Friends always give reasonable solutions.

Note: Some people hate small dogs. If you are one of them, please consider reading the linked article. It will definitely help you.

What to do if your husband bought a dog without asking you?

In a good relationship, you should not keep limits, secrets, warriors, and space.

If you do something, you have to ask permission or inform your partner. In that case, if your husband brought a dog without asking you, that is a big mistake. It will be indeed painful for you because that is not a decent thing.

If your husband brought a dog without asking you, what you can do is show your objection, start a clean and transparent discussion, get advice from an expert, do not argue, don’t harm the dog if he doesn’t hear you or respect you, leave him alone.

You are his wife, and he should respect your opinion. If he doesn’t care about your interpretation, he is not the guy you want. Because he clearly knows you hate dogs, and you are an anti-dog person.

Tell him directly about your judgment. At least he should give you some respect. That’s not how a good husband behaves.

On the other hand, you can contact an adviser. Because of these kinds of problems, marriage life might be destroyed. So both you and your husband should be advised.

Another thing is you should not argue with your husband. Why I am saying this is that married life is precious. This little argument can fade your relationship.

Don’t harm the dog. You have to be very patient under this circumstance. Most of the women tried to kick the dog out because of sudden anger. Please avoid it if the dog can do nothing. It is very innocent, and it is not your victim.

If your husband refuses your ideas, again and again, you have to make a decision. Because without a good understanding level, you will not be able to live with your selfish partner.

Here is a detailed guide about what to do when your husband got a dog without telling you.

How to make your heart fall in love with dogs?

Every bad man has a white character too. So we can wake our white character up.  How can we do this?

Although you are an anti-dog person, your husband loves dogs. So be a sacrifice. We’re going to walk through how to make your heart fall in love with dogs.

Spend time with your dog, be playful, try to touch his dog, and feed them well (dog treats are also necessary), keep good communication, keep eye contact, walk with your dog, go outside, let them feel your love, give your attention and be patient.

  • Spend time with his dog – you can fix a time for your partner’s dog if you wanna fall in love with his dog. In time to come, both his doggie and you will love each other.
  • Be playful – don’t act like a tough lady. Be flexible when you stay with his dog.
  • Try to touch his dog- a good, lovely and comfortable touch can break the barriers which grow between you.
  • Feed – food can make people happy and close
  • Good communication- try to understand his dog’s desires. You will love the way dogs behave.
  • Keep eye contact- for breaking the strangeness.
  • Give your attention- let the dog feel the way you treat him/her. Very soon, you will fall in love with your partner’s doggie.

Things to be aware of

1. Never revenge from dog

It’s not essential whether you like dogs or not. If your husband has got a dog, you have to deal with it.

But keep in this your mind carefully don’t take revenge on that innocent buddy because of your husband. That’s not how a good woman acts.

2. Argue with your husband

After a thing happens, we should not be worried. I know, getting a dog without asking you is very bad, and it’s heartbreaking.

But you have to keep your relationship, and it is the most important thing. Because of a cute dog, you should not ruin your married life.

3. Treat both well

Having a dog might be a dream for your husband. Do you wanna ruin his dreams as a good partner? No, you don’t. You have to get used to adapting these things.

4. Don’t punish your dog

If you really hate dogs, keep away from them. That is the best thing you have to do.

Do not try to punish your dog instead of petting him/her. If you don’t wanna spend time with him/her, hire a trainer. I know you are not that cruel.

5. Limit some areas

If you are an anti-dog person and don’t like to see your dog everywhere you go, you can set a limited area for your dog. That’s not a decent thing. By the way, there are no more solutions either.


It doesn’t matter whether you are in a relationship or married, you might have an interpretation about having a dog, getting your partner’s idea is very necessary. Because this is a journey which should go together. Respecting each other is very important. I have interpreted my experiences, and I hope the woman who has this problem will find a path to solve this matter. If your husband wants a dog and you don’t, the above facts will help you figure it out.


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