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agouti husky.

Agouti husky !! Whoa! I know your feelings when hearing this name. Who no need to get this dog as a pet? Everyone needs. Because he is a very handsome dog. Mostly looks like a wolf. Very sharp eyes, Vertical ears, beautiful face helps to get a wolf face.

One of our neighbors has an Agouti husky dog. What a beauty. He has everything a pet has. A beautiful face, brown, black, white coat, graceful tail, commonly looks like a wolf.

If you are finding a dog who has very humble, a dog who can play with your children and also a protector, this is the one. However, he is a very highly energetic walking and natured dog. If you are love to enjoy life, definitely, he is the pet that you want. 

Let’s find out some fundamental things about Agouti husky.

weight (Male) 20-27Kg
weight (Female) 6-23Kg
Height (male) 53-60cm
Height (female) 51-56cm
Price 600-1300$
Colors black, brown, white, grey, etc

As I told you earlier, this Agouti husky dog is a brilliant, friendly, sensitive dog. They every time, depending on their family. Which means you need to care about him every time.

If you are a kind of a busy person and if you spend most of the time outside of your home, this dog is not for you. Because you need to provide the care they need.

If he completed his eighth week you can buy him. As we know, it’s better to bring him when his childhood. Because we have to train them a lot of things, even so, we should allow breastfeeding in their infancy. It will help to the healthier future of this dog.

Now let’s consider some common problems related to Agouti husky.

  1. How to socialize Agouti husky?
  2.  what about feed and Nutrition needs?
  3. How to Train Agouti husky?
  4. Required time to exercise?

1)How to socialize Agouti husky?

Socialization is one of the essential things in his life. If you are willing to buy an Agouti husky, consider his socialization. Otherwise, he will become a hazardous dog. It helps your husky to be a well mannered and confident dog. Show your muscular outer environment. He will learn how to interact with other dogs, people, and sights.

Puppy kindergarten classes most suitable way to teach how to interact with other dogs. Enroll in the course when he three to four months old. But you can do it yourself too. Taking your puppy to park is another right way to expose to different people, sights, and sounds.

Observe your puppy as she explores in the world. If he appears frightened or worried about a particular experience, do not continue to expose him to that kind of situation.

2)What about feed and Nutrition needs?

Huskys has breaded to survive with a small amount of food. But it may vary on different factors, such as size, age, and especially health status. 

If you have an Agouti husky, begin to feed to him three times per day early morning, early afternoon, and evening. When he has grown to three to four months old changes the meals two times per day.

Try to give him very quality puppy food every time.

3)How to Train Agouti husky?

It is pretty easy to train your dog because these dogs are naturally very independent and very intelligent. They can also be stubborn. You should start to train your pup when his puppyhood.

There are obedience classes out there. These classes are ideal for train your agouti husky. He can enroll in obedience classes if he four-month-old. Then follow up with adult training until around 12 months old. 

Crate training

This is a significant thing you should do when his young age. If you introduce the crate very well, it may be much easier to give him house training. The crate is a great place to lay and get some rest. 

Remember one thing. This is not a place of punishment. Sending him to crate when he misbehaves may cause your pup to develop a negative association with rate. Because think about it before punish him.

Train him you are the leader

These dogs are pack animals. They expect to have a leader of the pack. Your pup should see you as his leader. There is an excellent way to establish your leadership to make him wait for you to eat. 

4)Required time to exercise?

Most importantly they require to do exercises for about 1 hour per day. Although these dogs need a lot of activities, they can adapt to living an apartment. To burn off the energy, it’s suitable to give him long daily walks and get used to doing enough exercise.

Do something different with them

However, they are running here and there each time. So it’s too beneficial to make them healthier by receiving automatically exercises. On the other hand, physical stimulation is not enough therefore you need to mentally stimulate them to help release their stress in their mind. So there are many many different intelligent games that dogs can play with their owners.

Therefore choose such kind of a game for that. So you can buy a different kind of toys for him as they are very playful. Then you can allow your children also to play with him.

so guys comment below and share your experience too 🙂

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