Blue nose pitbull Dog

blue nose pitbull

Blue nose Pitbulls….. wait wait wait… Tell me your guess?? a dog with a blue nose?

once my friend told me he is going to buy a blue nose pitbull. I thought as a dog who has a blue nose on his face. very funny right?

a dog with a blue nose? once my friend told me he is going to buy a blue nose pitbull. I thought as a dog who has a blue nose on his face. very funny right?

After he bought this little puppy I went to see him. when I see him for the first time he is a little puppy. As my research, these dogs have various colours noses. Those are black, grey nose and many more.

The puppy I mentioned before is now two or two and a half years old. when he is barking it’s something like thundering. These puppies are extremely strong and really powerful. If you owned this kind of a puppy, you will feel something like “I’m very secure now”. These are kind of a very dangerous puppy breed of the planet.

Let’s explore some information that we need to perceive as a Blue nose pitbull dog owner.

Height 18-24 inches
Weight 30-85 pounds
Colour Blue-gray
Lifespan Generally 10-12 years
Price 1000$-3000$ it depends with breeder

So, let’s see about common things we should consider.

  1. Is it Appropriate to get Blue nose pitbull dog as my pet?
  2. At which age I should buy a Blue nose pitbull puppy?
  3. What are common health diseases?
  4. Required time to exercise?
  5. Can train them efficiently?
  6. How to cage them?

Let’s take one by one and understand the things we should recognise. I hope you continue reading.

1)Is it Appropriate to get Blue nose pitbull dog as my pet?

The typical answer is for this particular enigma is “not”. Because of this pups are very dangerous, I think this puppy is not suitable for a family dog. But don’t get it very seriously. Because so many peoples are owned blue nose Pitbulls as their pets.

But if you are going to get this dog as your first dog, we are advising don’t do that. Even you had previously owned dogs. You have to be ready and well trained for being an owner of this puppy.

We know every dog bite similarly bark. But well-trained owner and dog will be okay. Then we can convert this pup as a harmless pup although they are very aggressive than other dogs.

He is such kind of a good dog. His behaviour may depend on his owner because these puppies are very loyal to their owner. If the owner is a criminal who wants to do bad things, then the dog’s behaviour also may vary dangerous.

If you are such kind of a good man probably your puppy may also be very Calm.

2)At which age I should buy a Blue nose pitbull puppy?

Usually the same as other dog breeds you may bring him if he at most eight weeks old. In the first weeks, keep him with his mother. We should allow him for breastfeeding because it will help for a healthier life.

3) What are common health diseases?

 There are a few common health problems we can see with.

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Heart Disease
  • Allergies
  • Hip Dysplasia
  • Cataracts

Stay alert about your dog if he Breathing badly, A problem of activity level, Sleeping too much or something like that go and meet the veterinarian.

4) Required time to exercise?

 Typically this puppies facing a lot of health difficulties. So exercises are a must. Usually minimum 30-45 minutes per day. The funny thing is they can do exercises as much as you want because they are powerful. 

You can do so many exercises with him.

  • Running
  • Playing 
  • Walking 
  • fetch

But there is one thing to tell. You can give some toys to him and allow them to play. But there is one thing we should remember. allowing kids to play with them is very dangers. You should think concerning the safety of your kids.

5) Can train them efficiently?

Yes. It depends on your ability. Let’s understand a few ways to train them. If you want to teach him, you must bring him when his childhood. 

How to teach his/her name?

All thing you have to is when your puppy is away from you, look at him and make eye contact. Then make some noise with your fingers and your mouth and call him on his name. Do this method whenever you want to call him. Then he automatically learns his name.

 How to teach to sit?

Whenever you are going to teach him, it’s better to keep puppy treats. Then call him as “sit”. At the same time, you grab his butt to downward and give a puppy treats. Try this again and again. If he will do better touch his head and body and call “good boy” and give some rewards.

How to teach to lay down.?

This is also same as above. You call him to lay down. If he does not push down him and touch his head and say “good boy”. Do this again and again. Don’t forget to give some treat. Then they get used to understanding it.

How to teach to go cage?

So when you get a cage, open the door and allow him to check it up. Then toss a treat into the cage. Then he will go inside the cage and eat and will come to you again.

Then call him nicely as “good boy” something like that. Do this two-three times. When he in the cage, close the door very slowly. Then about five minutes later open it. Then he can understand he is not going to be in there forever. Do it again and again.

6) How to cage them?

But you have to find a cage which has more space for your puppy. We must choose a cage which is comfortable for him.

So you need to find out the length of your pup when he lies down and stretched. Get this measurement and multiply by two for the length of the cage once he sits down to measure from floor to top of the head. So get more than this measurement as the height of the cage.

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