Golden retriever facts-7 things you should know about the Golden retriever.

Golden retriever.

If you have a Golden retriever dog read this probably, you might be wondering. Because there are so many Golden retriever facts, we can see.

  1. Double coated dogs
  2. They are therapy dogs-beautiful thing about Golden retriever
  3. Have the loudest bark-wondering fact out of Golden retriever facts
  4. Soft mouth property 
  5. They kind of GR
  6. why they bred for
  7. For attracting a date-important fact out of Golden retriever facts

1)Double coated dogs

when we consider golden retriever facts they are one of the few dog breeds who are double-coated. The two layers of fur work as waterproof protection and shed seasonally.

The outer coat is thick and may be straight or wavy, and the undercoat is soft, it keeps the dog warm in winter and cold in summer.

2)They are therapy dogs beautiful fact out of Golden retriever facts

Therapy dogs are trining to that to provide affection, comfort, and love to people in need. Golden retrievers dogs occupy the first position in the list of therapy dogs. A therapy dog is supposed to be loving, affectionate, smart, and entertaining.

Luckily golden retrievers have all of these traits. Moreover, golden retrievers effectively detect epileptic seizures one hour before it happens. With their loving nature, they can comfort anyone from young children to traumatized people.

3)Have the loudest bark-wondering fact out of Golden retriever facts

Golden retrievers may not bark so much but they hold the record for the loudest bark according to Guinness world records a six years old Golden retriever from Australia named Charlie has the loudest bark 113.1dB. The previous record was a German shepherd who had the bark of 108 dB. 

4)Soft mouth property

As their name indicates, golden retrievers are retriever dogs, and they specially bred to retrieve back gain for a hunter. Because of their retrieving nature, they exhibit a property called the soft mouth, which means carrying of an object in the mouth like bone raw egg or toy without causing harm to it.

5)They kind of GR

You may think that golden retrievers have the same color and build. But actually, three different types of golden retrievers vary in size and color. American golden retrievers have the thickest coats, and they are less muscular than the other types.

Canadian Golden retrievers have thinner coats, and they are darker. They are usually taller than different sorts. British Golden’s, also called English retrievers, have the lightest golden color, and they are more muscular than the other types. 

6)Why they bred for

Golden retrievers initially bred to hunt companions and retrieve back fallen furs for hinters. The breed created by Lord tweet myth of Scotland in the mid 19th Century. He crossed water spaniel, an extinct breed nowadays with a yellow flat-coated retriever. The result was a golden flat-coated retriever dog.

Golden retrievers are formerly known as the flat golden coat because of their lineage, but later, they were to Golden retrievers dogs. 

7)For attracting a date-important fact out of Golden retriever facts

 If you are walking in the park of the dog, you are three times more likely to get attention from people passing by men to tend to think that women with golden retrievers are girlfriend material.

In contrast, women with chihuahuas are dumb one-night stands or high maintenance. According to a survey done by a mobile pet app for attracting a girl is a golden retriever while the worst one is the pitbull.

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