Dobermans In Heat: [The Ultimate Guide For Owners]

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to breed your Doberman or just wanna keep her safe without letting her get pregnant during their heat cycle. It is essential to figure out what is happening and why and all the related concerns.

This is a comprehensive guide about female Dobermans and their Heat.

I wrote this based on my experience and the little research I did. This will be extremely useful for you if you are unsure what to expect when she comes into heat or what to do?

We gonna look into at Doberman heat cycle and figure out what your Doberman bitch’s season will be like.

If you wanna jump into a specific section, feel free to use the following table of content.

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When Will Your Female Doberman Have Her First Season?

If you have brought a Doberman puppy into your home, at some point, she will have to deal with her first season. In fact, if you own a Doberman as a first time dog owner, this will be a much difficult part.

Although this depends on the individual dog, most female Dobermans have their first heat cycle or season between 8-12 months of age, while some take as little as 6 months or don’t get their first heat until they are over a year. Besides that, some young Doberman bitches may experience silent heat.

But, if you own a purebred Doberman, this period will be more like 8-12 months of age.

In fact, many veterinarians recommend waiting until after a Doberman’s initial season to spay, which means it doesn’t matter whether you decide to have her neutered or not. You will have to deal with at least one season.

Of course, there are several benefits of having your Doberman neutered. For an instant, consider the fact that ovarian cancer chances increase exponentially.

But there are also a handful of benefits of waiting until after the first season, including it, which can allow the growth plates to become closer, and your Female Doberman can develop normally.

However, we gonna discuss about Dobermans and spaying under another comprehensive article.

But for now, let’s focus on the article.

What Should You Know Before The First Heat Of Your Doberman?

First and foremost, you should have good awareness regarding when it’s gonna happen. At least you should be ready when it comes to 6 months mark for your Doberman.

Because you gonna never know when it’s gonna happen, as we discussed earlier. Although the majority lay into the 8-10 month range, we can expect that it can very month six to all the way up to 1 year or even more than that.

So, whenever you buy a female Doberman puppy, it’s better to start educating yourself to get ready for her first heat, and that can allow you to take necessary precautions to avoid some possible troubles.

Keep a close eye on the dog.

When the dog just hits 6 months mark, this is the time you gonna take things a bit seriously by keeping your close eye on him all the time.

In fact, don’t forget to observe if she shows signs of heat.

Educate yourself about signs of heat in your Doberman.

Being aware of these signs is critical to recognize whether the dog is going to start her first heat. Try to recognize the following signs by distinguishing her behavior from regular days.

  • Aggressive behavior mixed with nervousness and agitation.
  • Urining quite often.
  • Somewhat swollen vulva.
  • Changing the position of the tail.
  • Excessive licking of the genitals. Click this to figure out why do Dobermans lick so much.
  • Responsive to male dogs.
  • Check if the bloody straw-colored discharge from the vulva of your Doberman.

Be prepared with essential supplies.

  • It’s always better to keep some dog diapers on hand if your Doberman is used to living indoors and you don’t wanna her to leave a bloody mess.
  • You can also get ready with dog diapers which come in types of washable ones or disposable ones.
  • But, you also can use human diapers by just cutting a hole for the tail. We gonna discuss the bleeding and discharging issue in detail before the end of this article.
  • It’s always better to keep your Doberman in a secure enclosure by separating from other dogs during her first heat in order to avoid unwanted and insecure pregnancies and some hormone-related aggressiveness.
  • Ensure that your dog has everything she needs in that enclosure place with a water bowl, and comfortable bedding. Moreover, read this to understand how much water should a Doberman drink, read the article by simply clicking the link.

Don’t attempt to get neutered her.

Since we discussed this a bit, I’m not gonna go into it again. If you wanna learn more about Dobermans and their spaying, simply follow the link.

Get ready to track her heat cycles.

If you have no experience with this, this seems a little strange, but you should start tracking her heat cycle from the first day of your Doberman’s heat.

There are tons of mobile apps where you can use to accomplish that.

How Often Do Dobermans Go Into Heat?

When it comes to the pattern of their season, the female Dobermans heating cycle usually forms a reasonably consistent pattern. But, there are clear distinguishes we can expect from different dog breeds.

Usually, Female Dobermans experience their heat two times per. This can expect early fall & spring. But genetic disorders and hormonal imbalances can lead to small imbalances in their heat cycle. Hypothyroidism, ovarian hypoplasia, a tumor on the ovaries, and malnutritions are other reasons.

  • Due to those effects, the space between seasons may fall into the interval every six months or annually.
  • So, this time gap between two heat cycles in your Doberman may be as regular as clockwork while some other one has seasons have its seasons once per year.
  • In fact, A period of 8-10 months between two cycles can be defined as slightly abnormal. We can consider it some kind of normal circumstance.
  • Due to the above effects, some female Dobermans have their heat cycle every three to four months.

Although some form of variability in the heat cycle can be considered normal, but…., you know what, prevention is better than cure.

So, consult your veterinarian once you feel some kind of a difference in heat cycles as it may indicate underlying health issues. So, it’s worth considering.

How Long Are Dobermans In Heat?

Having a good idea about how long they gonna stay in heat is crucial in order to manage her, protect her, and keep hygiene throughout the season.

The average heat lasts about 24 days. It is better to treat 3-4 weeks as every Doberman is different. A bright red discharge can be expected for the first 10 days, later few days of lesser extent lighter colored discharge, and finally, she will discharge darker-old colored more blood.

But the fact is, young Dobermans do not always follow the exact timeframe as expected. So, it’s better to chat with your vet and figure out the timeline of your girl.

First, it’s more beneficial if you have a good awareness about your female Doberman’s estrous cycle. To make it easier to absorb everything at once, I create a table that can be easily scanned.

The stageTime frame The description
ProestrusUsually lasts 9 days. But can last anywhere between 0-27 days.Exhibits the signs of heat so the owners start noticing.
Male dogs will attract your female Doberman, but she won’t be responsive to them.
The vulva is usually swollen with a bloody discharge.
EstrusUsually lasts 9 days. But can last anywhere between 4-24 days.A little enlarged and soften vulva can be expected.
The discharge of blood gonna decrease.
DiestrusLasts about 2 months.Your female Doberman no longer accepts a male dog.
AnestrusLasts about 4 months.This is the time gap between Diestrus and the Rpoestrus stage.
There won’t be any discharge from the vulva and it’s not swollen.

How Long Does A Doberman Bleed When In Heat?

During the stage of discharging blood from your Doberman’s vulva, you have to be mindful of several things in order to keep her hygiene without making her prone to health issues like infections.

To do that, you need to have a good awareness of this time frame.

Usually, the bleeding in female Dobermans will last for 10-21 days. But, it’s better to chat with your veterinarian if the blood discharging is not reduced even after 15-18 days. Manage the dog correctly to prevent health issues like urinary infections, vaginal infections, violent diarrhoea.

Here are several things you should be aware of during your Doberman’s heat and when it bleeds.

  • You can give it a try with normal doggy knickers and sanitary pads for your female Doberman. Still, the problem is they tend to flood everywhere.
  • Usually, napkins should be changed every 2 hours and let the Doberman go out to pee.
  • You shouldn’t allow her to clean herself in order to prevent health issues like violent diarrhoea.
  • Wearing diapers for your female Doberman could make them feel anxious, and sometimes you will have to face much accident like they poop in the diaper and spread it everywhere.
  • By wearing diapers, some dogs may be prone to urinary infections.
  • Your female should be wholly supervised and kept away from male dogs for about 4 weeks to prevent unnecessary pregnancies.
  • You should have a proper plan to clean the mess because even with diapers, there is a chance of slid the mess. But it’s better than a huge mess.
  • When your female Doberman in heat, always try to get her outside to potty work. Ensure that it should be done under supervision.

Which Behaviors You Can Expect From Your Doberman During Her Season?

You will see some sort of temperament changes in your female Doberman a few days before her heat. When you experience this for the first time, this will be really, really odd!

By the way, if you have good awareness about these behavior changes, life will be much easier during this season.

So, here they are.

  • Increased urination: When your girl Doberman is getting ready to go to the heat, you will see some sort of increment of urination.
  • The behavior of Lethargic: You will feel something like the dog is relatively weak or less energetic than it used to be. Sometimes she will refuse to play with you exhibit unusually fatigued.
  • The behavior of flirtatious: When your female dog enters her heat cycle, she will start to welcome male dogs. This is something you should prevent if you don’t want unwanted pregnancies, especially if this is her first heat.
  • Attempting to escape: This is why you should closely supervise your female Doberman. In general, when a dog comes into heat, it naturally attempts to escape and find a mate.
  • Unusual self grooming: You will experience that she is continuously trying to groom herself and stay clean.
  • Appetite change: You will see something like the dog start to eating picky and significant change in appetite.

How To Protect Your Female Doberman During Her First Heat?

Obviously, you should avoid unwanted pregnancies during her first season. It’s tough to get pregnant while she is still a baby and after such a rough start.

If you have read so far, now you know very clearly about their heat and all the other related stuff. So, now, let’s worry about her protection.

  • Your female dog should be kept away from the male dog at the beginning of her heat. Even though this heat is gonna finished after 3 weeks, a good rule of thumb is enclosing her from day 1 to day 30.
  • Dog panties can give some sort of protection.
  • Male dogs will start to follow her, and the scent of hormones given off by your female Doberman can be detected by male dogs pretty much straightforwardly even they stay far away. So, you got to supervise and monitor her all the time when outside potty breaks while you give her exercises. In fact, if you wanna learn how to provide exercises when your female Doberman in heat, make sure to read till the end.
  • Since nearby male dogs gonna be a little aggressive as they feel the scent of a female dog in heat, watch yourself and the dog when you walk along the road or in dog parks.
  • Note that stop of bleeding doesn’t indicate that cycle is over whatsoever. There is another phase to go, and more importantly, female Dobermans gonna be extremely fertile during this stage, and if you check closely, you will see the vulva still produce some sort of an unnoticeable discharge.
  • Always give extra attention and figure out if there any changes in her health as they are more likely to prone to health issues like urinary infections, vaginal infections, violent diarrhoea. If you feel something odd, meet your vet right away.

How To Exercise Your Doberman When On Heat?

It doesn’t matter whether your dog is in heat or not. They are incredibly energetic and require so many exercises on a regular basis, and they should be exercised to avoid boredom, anxiety, and depression.

So, when your female Doberman is in her heat, ensure that you will not take her anywhere for walking where another dog might come across.

That means avoiding beaches or dog parks for these several weeks is worth considering.

  • Giving a nice walk morning and afternoon is acceptable, and it’s better if you have a nice backyard. For owners that don’t have a backyard, WATCH YOUR STEPS!!!
  • Have some ball games or a low pace playing fetch session for about 15 minutes is sufficient.
  • If outside is rainy, you can simply use your stars to give exercise to your female Doberman. But make sure to limit it to 4-5 rounds.
  • If she gets distracted every time this enclosed time period, , consider providing a chew toy as Dobermans love to chew.

Can A Doberman Have Puppies In Her First Season?

Even though I wouldn’t recommend you to breed her during her first season, some people prefer to do that. So, the essential facts, pros, and cons of getting pregnant during the first heat are worth considering.

In general, Dobermans can have puppies in their first season, and they can give birth to a litter of 6-8 puppies. The less complicated birth, the puppies will be healthy and active. Since Dobermans have a lower maturity rate compared to other dogs, breeding an 8-10-month-old dog is not acceptable.

Consider that dogs are mono-estrous creatures.

That means, even though Dogs have or your female Doberman has 2 reproduction cycles each year, they have one breeding season every year.

Since their first heat cycle begin as they get 8-10 months of age, on purpose or purposeless mating can make them pregnant beyond any doubt.

Think about this. Usually, Dobermans take about 12-24 months to full maturity, getting pregnant early as 8 months..? Is that something acceptable? Are they responsible or grown enough to be a mama dog?

So, when can you breed your female Doberman?

Usually, female Dobermans should be bred later than males ( for males, the breeding can be done 6-12 months of age.), and waiting until she gets 18 months of age to breed is what responsible breeders should do.

Besides that…..

  • Getting pregnant early as 8-10 months of age can negatively impact their bone structure and development. Think about a baby Doberman who is growing is growing litter in her uterus? This fact is overly true for larger dogs like Dobermans.
  • Since she is not fully grown, there might have problems when breastfeeding.

Things To Be Aware Of.

I think you have a better understanding now regarding female Dobermans and their heat or season. And we discussed numerous other related facts. Is that enough?

Trust me, as a responsible owner, you need to be aware of many more things. So, let’s figure out what they are!

  • As we discussed so far, you can expect so many odd behaviors during her heat. Note that their mammary glands gonna enlarge and may produce secrete milk. There is a circumstance called pseudopregnancy, some female Doberamsn may exhibit nesting behavior during her season. Basically, what this means is they tend to small items like shoes and attempt to protect them as considering they are her litter.
  • You got to set aside some extra time just for your female Doberman, who is currently in heat as they tend to get slightly snuggly and cuddly during this time period.
  • If you decide to give a bone to chew on, note that it doesn’t take such a decision by yourself as giving bones to dogs to chew on is some kind of a controversial topic. Chat with your vet and take a decision.
  • Never ever scold your female Doberman puppy for the bloody mess on the floor. Just calm down and clean it up.


Managing a female Doberman during her heat is not such a complicated task!!! But, it seems like most owners are worried about this. So, I created a gigantic, comprehensive guide about Dobermans and their heat, giving you pretty much any answer related to that. So, I hope you enjoyed this guide and have a nice day!!!