Are Dobermans good for first time owners? [Owners Guide]

Are Dobermans good for first time owners

I have seen enough times all over the internet and in my personal life that people say Dobermans are not suitable for first time dog owners. Is that so? Let’s figured it out and other related concerns through this article.

Are Dobermans good for first time owners? Although most people think Dobermans aren’t good for first-time owners, it can be done with the right approaches. Lack of mental stimulation and socialization, changing training methods, puppy biting, early give up are the main reasons why most owners fail.

Most people say that Dobermans are not beginner-friendly dogs. Actually, the reason is that those owners are in the habit of making some crucial mistakes with their Dobermans. You should be aware of all of them in order to succeed. So, let’s dive right in.

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The characteristics of Dobermans, and how do they affect first time owners?

The Dobermans were initially bred as personal protection dogs. Also, they can be used as search and rescue dogs, therapy dogs, and other forms of service dogs.

Because of these dogs’ complexity and some failure stories, many people are afraid to own a Doberman as their first dog. But, this is not the case. First, you should understand their characteristic clearly.

  1. Energetic breed
  2. intelligent breed
  3. Alert
  4. Loyal
  5. Confident
  6. Obedient
  7. Fearless

1. Energetic breed

It is a known fact that Dobermans have insane energy. They require strenuous exercise on a daily basis. What you wanna consider before buying a Doberman is whether you have enough time dedicated to their exercises.

2. Intelligent breed

Dobermans are a very intelligent dog breed, and they ranked 5th among the smartest dog breeds in the world. So, training a Doberman is quite easy. But you do need to take suitable approaches in order to avoid problems.

3. Alert

Although they sleep at night just like other dogs, they are really alert dogs, and one can sneak upon them. They will not stop barking until they feel the threat is over. So, sometimes you need to train your Doberman to stop barking.

4. Obedient

Often Dobermans can be a truly obedient dogs if appropriately trained at the right time. Since they are a highly intelligent dog breed, they can be trained very easily.

Besides the above major traits, Dobermans are extremely loyal to their owners. Most of them have no qualms about fear, and they are truly confident about them and won’t think twice to save you.

I have so many experiences with Dobermans with my Roxi, and you can see her if you visit the About us page. The fact that I wanna emphasize here is that most people say, “Adopting a Doberman as a first-time dog owner is an impossible thing to do” Is that so?


But why do so many Dobermans end up with animal shelters or rescue organizations? Taking wrong approaches or lack of proper knowledge of Doberman adoption can lead to failed owners.

I know, adopting Doberman in the first place is not as easy as adopting a Border Collie as a first time dog owner. But, you should understand that it’s not an impossible thing to do.

What type of first-time owner would be a good match for a Doberman? 

Since this is a dog that has high exercise demand and seeks loads of attention, I would say a person with a minimal busy life is better.

But, If you have a moderately busy schedule, Don’t be regretful. This is because moderately busy owners can adopt them with the help of several tactics.

If you are a person who stays at home 24/7 while working, this is an extremely ideal situation to own a Doberman as a first time dog owner.

But, if you are a person who works long hours at work, I’m sorry to say that this is not gonna work for you. For others, no worries.

Many studies have shown that dogs exhibit proper physical and mental functioning by following an appropriate daily routine. That’s because almost all dogs have a very accurate internal clock.

So, when it comes to Dobermans, this internal clock is even better. That means if you used to walk your Doberman at 7 AM on a daily basis, They are expected to have a morning walk around 7 AM.

If you accidentally forget it, he will do a lot to convince you that this is walking time. Mostly you will see behaviors like whining, barking, walking toward the door.

The most important thing is if you wanna own a Doberman as a first time dog owner, you should be a really active person. In fact, having a good backyard would make you more qualified.

Why do some first time Doberman owners fail?

This is what I always wanted to talk about through this article. Many owners are tempted to make some critical mistakes, with or without knowledge.

If you have a good understanding of them, owning a Doberman as a first time owner is not that difficult. So, It’s time to figure out what those mistakes are.

  • Lack of mental stimulation.
  • Changing up the training approach.
  • Giving up before maturity.
  • Lack of socialization.
  • Giving up your “Alpha” role.
  • Not addressing puppy biting.

Lack of mental stimulation.

Lack of mental stimulation is one of the main reasons why most first time Doberman owners fail. But, don’t get me wrong. I didn’t say that lack of exercise because most new Doberman owners understand that their dogs need exercise.

But, underestimating the level of mental stimulation they really need is a really common mistake. As I mentioned earlier Dobermans are consistently rated in the top five smartest dog breeds in the world. So, they really need that mental stimulation.

But, if you just focus on mental stimulation and even let to do the exercise a little bit, they are mostly gonna be okay because they need mental stimulation so much.

Suppose you don’t mentally stimulate your Doberman. In that case, the chances are they can get really destructive, they can act out in some crazy ways, have loads of stress and anxiety, soon will start to destroy things, bark, whine. You will face a lot of other problems.

But, how to avoid this problem?

Avoiding this problem is quite easy. Here are some of them.

  • You can give them lots of puzzle games.
  • Playing scent games.
  • Hide and seek game.
  • Do other training commands.
  • Teaching them some new commands.
  • Reinforcing old commands.

Changing up the training approach.

Most first time dog owners who owned a Doberman failed just because of not having consistent training. It may seem obvious. But I want you to avoid this mistake in order to succeed as a first time dog owner.

These dogs are brilliant, and as a first time dog owner, it’s straightforward to get partway through the process. I mean, it’s really easy to mix up some training methods or try something a little bit different.

Because you have a misconception that you can get better results by making some changes. So, let’s understand the problems with that.

The problem is your Doberman sees this behavior change on you and different cues that change partway through because you are consistently switching up your training routine, and all they gonna do is stay stubborn.

Okay, how to avoid this problem?

You can eliminate this problem pretty easily by planning out your training routine ahead of time. Figuring out how you are gonna train each behavior is much more crucial.

As far as we know, there are hundreds of incredible training methods, and they are all outstanding. The problem here, though, is if you decide to switch the training methods up often, it’s gonna do way higher damage to your Doberman.

Giving up before maturity.

Most first time dog owners who owned a Doberman have failed just because they were tempted to give up too soon! More than trying out several new techniques along the way, sometimes you just need to wait a little bit.

Basically, the puppy stage before one year of age, it’s gonna be tough at times. So, you need to hang in there for some time.

When you bring a dog, let’s say around 2 months of age, and do all of the things you should do. By 6 months of age for your Doberman, you will notice some serious improvements because you can train them to potty. In fact, they will be a little bit calmer.

Then by 10-12 months of age, you gonna see really really an improvement. Because maturity starting to happen. So, all you should do is stay consistent with the process till maturity.

Lack of socialization.

You gotta trust me. This is huge! Most people who owned a Doberman as a first time dog owner has failed just because their dogs were not socialized. So, let’s figure out why this is so critical.

3-14 weeks for a Doberman puppy is the critical window for getting them socialized. Why? It’s because, in that time when they are in that stage of their life, their playfulness with the world and the excitement about the world is overridden any kinds of fear they might have.

So, they are way more open to new people. If you don’t socialize him during that time, their fear and timidness about some of these things can be really cemented in their mind.

So, how are you gonna solve this issue?

All you got to do is take your Doberman with you whenever you go out. Maybe it can be a place a lot of people stay. Let him be among children, shy people, different kinds of animals, loud places.

Giving up your “Alpha” role.

This is also a common mistake people make with their Dobermans. That is giving up your role as the alpha just too quickly. Actually, this happens because of ignoring little things you can do throughout the day to really enforce your role as the alpha.

Here are some of them,

  • Walking through a door first before your dog is better.
  • Putting the food bowl down and not allowing your Doberman to eat until you give the release command.

Not addressing puppy biting.

Suppose you are a first-time dog owner who bought a Doberman, this is one of the crucial things you really wanna be aware of. All Dobermans have a nipping and biting stage just like other dogs and which is totally normal.

If you didn’t correct it in the first place, this bad habit gonna last forever.

So, those are the main reasons why most Doberman owners fail as first-time dog owners. So, you gotta be aware of all of them and take the right approaches at a suitable time.

Doberman puppy or adult? Which one is perfect for first-time owners? 

As my experience goes and most dog trainers and behaviorists recommend owning a puppy. Because it will be straightforward to socialize and train them. In fact, it would give you an excellent chance to eliminate some bad behaviors from your Doberman.

Moreover, you might be a person who never had a dog before and trying to own a Doberman. So, buying a puppy would make your life easier rather than having an adult one.

But make sure to buy a purebred Doberman puppy.

Things to be aware of

Now you have a proper understanding of Dobermans are suitable for first-time owners. But, having that knowledge is not sufficient in order to succeed with the process. You need to be aware of several other things too.

  • Give at least 60 minutes of daily exercise.
  • Prepare a healthy diet. (Read this to understand what are the Doberman friendly foods)
  • Never ever punish or shout at your Doberman.
  • Always follow positive reinforcement methods.
  • Don’t let them be home alone for long hours.
  • Allocate some cuddle time.


Most people love to own these high energetic, obedient, alert dog breeds. So, many people are curious to know if Dobermans are suitable for first-time owners. So, this is a complete guide dedicated to that concern. In fact, we have discussed their Characteristics, why do most people are failing with Dobermans, the pros and cons of owning them, and hundreds of crucial things. So, I hope you found this helps. Have a nice day!