My Husband/BF Choose The Dog Over Me.[9 Reasons |Solutions]

My husbandboyfriend choose the dog over me.

Hello angry girls. I’m speaking to you. How do you feel if your boyfriend/husband chooses the dog over you, it is the worst feeling ever that can never be interpreted. How do you bear it?

Your husband/boyfriend may choose the dog over you due to dogs can be trusted, morning greets, understanding ability, not money-minded, dogs never cheat, lie, complain, or question. Direct discussions, expert advice, let him feel your value, changing yourself and your monotonous life are solutions.

As for my research, the above reasons are mainly focused, and there is more to concentrate on why my husband/boyfriend chose the dog over me.  Leggo to figure it out.

Why does your husband/boyfriend choose the dog over you?

One of my friends had that problem, and she told me to solve it. So I started to investigate why those kinda things happen. That wasn’t an easy one. I had to check on both their dog and the relationship.

Indeed they had a fantastic girly golden retriever dog. She was too friendly, innocent, and cute. So why did my friend’s man act like that? It was kinda miserable. 

What I had to do is I chose the people who suffer from this problem and their partners too. And then, I listed some questions, and they had to be answered.

According to the answer, I found some reasons why their husband/boyfriend chose the dog over them. Lemme show

  1. Dogs never complain
  2. Greet when their masters wake up in the morning
  3. Never cheat
  4. Dogs never lie
  5. Never question
  6. The ability to understand
  7. Can be trusted
  8. Dogs stay by your husband/boyfriend side no matter what
  9. They are not money-minded

1. Dogs never complain

How do you treat your partner?  The problem is the way you treat him. If you complain about all the things your partner does, that will become a headache for him. The look will be towards the puppy he raises.

Dogs are never complaining. And also, dogs accept all the things their masters do. As a good wife or a girlfriend, you have to be peaceful when you deal with your partner like dogs. Dogs can bear everything.

Under this circumstance, your partner starts to walk away from you and go to the dog because the dog is the best friend who can understand their master’s situations.

2. Greet when their masters wake up in the morning

Dogs are amazing all the time. Observe as soon as you wake up. The thing your dog does is come to you and greet you. How wonderful they are. Then turn to your side.

What do you do as soon as your partner wakes up? Maybe you are still on the bed. That isn’t the way you treat him. Because of that, your partner will compare you and his dog as well.

And then he will prioritize your dog over you because that is the truth. When you are in a relationship, that is a sentimental fact.

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3. Never cheat

Why do people call dogs best friends? Have you ever heard a dog cheated on his/her masters? Not at all. They can be trusted. Dogs will give their life to their owner.

So you have to make a bond with your partner that much. Don’t break his heart. If you do it, exactly they will choose the dog over you.

4. Dogs never lie

Can you remind me how loyal you are? Whatever it may be, the dogs have fantastic loyalty, and they will never be equal to anyone. When you are in a relationship, you have to be careful with your partner’s emotions.

5. Never questions

Dogs are never questioned from his/her owner because the owner is the entire world for a dog.

When you try to make small arguments, fights, your partner will think about the difference between you and his dog. And then he will be with his dog more than you.

6. The ability to understand

A dog can understand their owner. On the other hand, a dog can feel happy, sad, angry, and confused when its owner is happy. As soon as they feel weird from their owner’s dogs, try to help them.

Dogs have healing abilities. Dogs such as Labrador, Golden Retriever can heal the pain.

Now you are crystal clear why your partner prioritizes his dog over you. If they cannot get real support from you, things will be worse, be a strength to your partner

7. Can be trusted

As humans beings, we make mistakes, and that is totally normal. But when we turn into dogs’ sides, they will never make mistakes for their owner. Don’t cry over spilled milk.

Dogs on their job correctly and on time. To be trusted and supportive to your partner. Grab the attention towards you.

8. Dogs stay by your husband/boyfriend side no matter what

 This is the best quality dogs have. Do you try to leave your partner when they are down both mentally and physically?

I don’t think so because a good partner never does that. Dogs never leave their partner in any conditions. Because of some mistake, your partner will accept your dog over you.

9. Dogs are not money-minded

Some women are expecting more things than love in a relationship. And they try to argue when their partner fails to do such things.

So you see, although your partner loves you, you see that because of this kind of matter, your relationship might mess up.

What next? Your partner will ignore you, and he will choose a dog over you because you are a troublemaker.

What to do if your husband/boyfriend chooses the dog over you?

This problem is not a very simple case. You know what, because of this matter, your relationship/marriage life can be destroyed. Do you wanna blast your bond? No, you don’t want to.

This problem is running around emotional matters, so when you deal with it, you have to be careful because only one fact can make things worse. Let’s see what you can do if your husband/boyfriend chooses the dog over you.

You can make a direct discussion, try to change yourself, be patient with both of them, get help and advice from experts, change your monotonous life, let him feel your value. Try the above strategies, and then you can see changes.

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1. You can make a direct discussion

You should not hide your feelings. Tell him how you feel when he chooses his dog over you. Be truthful and talk directly.

2. Try to change yourself

Your partner might be a dog lover. So you cannot change him at all. The best thing you have to do is change yourself. As a girlfriend/wife, you have to live with him your entire life.

If you are an anti-dog person, try to close your partner’s dog and feel the real sentiment of having a dog.

3. Get help and advice from experts

So many women suffering from this matter. You are not the only one. You can get advice and help a woman who knows about this problem.

Taking advice can set your mind positively. Do not care when your husband/boyfriend prioritizes a dog over you. Stay like a real woman.

4. Change your monotonous life

How is your life going? If you are engaged with your daily work, how do you feel about having a dog? You will see it as kind of troublesome because you don’t have enough time.

Get some rest and stay with your partner and his dog for a while.

5. Let him feel your value

You are the person who cooks for him, washes his clothes, cleans his house. Let him know how important a role you are playing in his life. Tell him what you deserve.

Tips for living with your husband/boyfriend and the dog peacefully

This part will teach you how to fix this matter. If your husband/boyfriend chooses his dog over you, after doing these facts, it will end.

First of all, you have to be patient as a real human being. And then you can go on a picnic with them to have a good time. Doing some indoor activities will break your ordinary lifestyle.

The next one is to be strategic and finally give random hugs and kisses to your partner and his dog. If you do these things correctly, your boyfriend/husband will not choose his dog over you.

Be patient: this is the crucial thing. When both start to fight or argue, it will become a second world war. So someone should tolerate these things if you wanna go ahead with your partner.

Go picnic: you should go on a picnic with your partner and dog at least once a week. So you can play with them and enjoy yourself a lot. Therefore the dog will love you too.

Do indoor activities: Try to stay close to your partner and his dog. So what you have to do is arrange indoor activities like hiding and seek. Playing can make and strengthen the bond between two of them.

Be strategic: As women, we know how to handle a man. So my advice is to use your strategies. Make delicious meals, try to be alone, be supportive, admire your man. These facts will work, and he will choose you over his dog. But do not leave his dog. You have to be a good dog owner. If you can allocate enough time for play with your dog, it will be friendly to you. Learn how dogs behave, and you will understand how to live with a dog peacefully.

Random kisses and hugs: This part is precious during a relationship. Although you hate dogs, you have to act normally. Do not let your partner and his dog alone. Try to stay with them, and then they will realize how much you love them and respect them.

Talk lovely and kind and then hug his dog. When he sees your change, he will respect you more than before.

Things to be aware of

  1. Don’t be unselfish

Life is a long journey that cannot go alone. Sometimes you need a strong hand to grab you. The man who gives a hand is your partner. So being selfish is like poison. Not only your partner but also his dog. Don’t let him choose the dog over you and teach him about equality.

  1. Bear

Sometimes we sacrifice our favorite face because we need to keep our relationship ahead. If you are an anti-dog person, do not argue with your partner. What you have to do is be patient and sympathetic. You will get your partner’s attention if you love his dog as well.

  1. Being rough

Normally a dog owner deeply thinks about their puppy’s desire. So you should not mistreat his dog. It may break your bond. Be strategic and manage both Your partner and his dog as well.

  1. Attention

Like I said before, if you wanna make a bond with your partner’s dog, what you have to do is give your attention. Dogs are amiable if you like them. On the other hand, when you try to be friends with his dog, you will take your partner’s attention.

And he will think twice when choosing the dog over you. Using one stone, you can kill two birds.

  1. Make special meal

Food is a miracle. Tasty foods can increase your bond with your partner. If you can make delicious foods, your partner will never prioritize the dog over you. This is a super-secret. And keep this in your mind, make delicious food for his dog too.  That’s how a decent woman behaves.


In a strong and good relationship, mutual understanding plays a significant role. After a dog’s arrival, your relationship should build up. Most couples get into emotional trouble after they bring a dog. The most famous issue is that one of them likes the dog more than the partner. In simpler terms, your boyfriend/husband chooses the dog over you. In this article, I have solved all the matters you deal with. I wish you to have a new chapter of your life.


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