Great Pyrenees shedding | The full explanation guide

great Pyrenees shedding

Many people love these cute polar bears. But the main problem with keeping the Great Pyrenees as an indoor dog is that their fur spreads throughout the home. Because the Great Pyrenees are shedding their coat more than other dogs.

This article is a complete guide about the great Pyrenees shed. We are going to discuss the following things through this article.

  • The amount of shedding
  • The reasons for shedding so much.
  • The time/seasons the great Pyrenees blowing their coat
  • How to avoid it?
  • Whether their coat regrows or not. 
  • How shedding can affect your great Pyrenees

Do great Pyrenees shed a lot? Yes. Typically, great Pyrenees dogs shed their coats more than other dogs. Some Great Pyrenees shed throughout the year, while others are twice a year or seasonal. We can’t stop their shedding. But it can be avoided with good coat care and regular grooming. Keep reading, and you will understand everything.

As I mentioned above, great Pyrenees dogs are shed a lot. Sometimes you can remove the fist-size fur from your bare hands.

Typically their hairballs will be spread everywhere house. You can find hair everywhere on your furniture and clothes.

But the funny thing is. If you forget to vacuum your home for a week, You will receive a new type of carpet made of fur.

If you give him a good comb-out, you will get enough hair for ten bird nets. I think now you can get an idea about great Pyrenees’ shedding. 

Why is your great Pyrenees shedding so much?

Most people feel frustrated because of shedding. But don’t think it as a medical problem because it’s a typical characteristic of great Pyrenees.

These dogs have a double coat. Usually, those dogs are blowing their coat so much.

The great Pyrenees can stay outside, even the winter, because they have a heavy coat to protect them from the cold. Usually, you can see a heavy shedding during the Spring.

So in the Spring, they usually shed their winter coat to get ready for summer. But there is a possibility of a second blow in the fall.

Keep in mind: If you see an abnormal shedding from your great Pyrenees, immediately consult a veterinarian.

Do Great Pyrenees shed all year?

We can’t tell exactly the time for great Pyrenees shedding season because it differs with the dog. Some great Pyrenees shedding, twice a year while others are all the time. 

Mostly the great Pyrenees are molting in Spring and fall. As we know, their double coat keeps them warmly in the winter.

So typically, they lose a certain amount of undercoat for the summer. But their coats getting slightly thicker in the winter. 

But for the majority have seasonal shedding. It usually begins in September and ends in November. So they lose their fluffy and thick undercoat.

A less dense and smaller undercoat generally replaces it in the warmer months.

But when the winter season arrives, their undercoat is replaced by a more extended and denser undercoat. 

Furthermore, the great Pyrenees’ outer coat does not shed. Although their inner coat grows and regrows fast, the outer coat is not the same as the inner coat.

Due to that shaving, the outer coat is not a good idea. If you feel your great Pyrenees don’t shed much, don’t ever shave their coat.

How to stop great Pyrenees shedding?

Honestly say there is no way to stop great Pyrenees’ shedding. But you can avoid it to some extent. So follow the steps below to prevent it.

You need these things to do it.

  • Towels
  • Pet grooming glove
  • Pin brush
  • Slicker brush 
  • Dog shampoo for thick white coats
  • Metal coat rake
  • Metal comb

Step 1

Observe their coat, and you will see mats and tangles. You can remove them by using a metal comb and metal coat rake.

You have to search for all the mats and remove them before washing your Great Pyrenees. When you are removing mats, focus your attention on the following areas, and you will find a lot of mats.

  • In the long mane
  • Around the tail
  • Hind legs

Step 2

Now is the time for washing. But you can’t use shampoo as you wish. So you need to use shampoo suitable for the great Pyrenees.

This means shampoo for white thick coat dogs. The reason is these shampoos include natural coat conditioners. So don’t forget to remove all the soap by thoroughly washing his coat.

Step 3

You have to use several towels to dry out your great Pyrenees. Use the hairdryer in order to dry his coat entirely. 

Important: don’t hold the hairdryer close to your dog. Because it can burn your dog’s skin, so maintain about One-foot spacing.

Step 4

Now comb the puppy using the hair rake again. Do it from the neck to his tail. Do not forget to rake all sides of their coat, especially chest and legs.

It makes it easy to remove loose fur from his undercoat.  But keep in mind you can’t stop the great Pyrenees from shedding. you can avoid it.

Step 5

This is the time to use the slicker brush. Use it for brushing his coat. It will help to remove the fur of the outer coat. Don’t forget to brush the whole body. You need to brush the following areas.

  • Tail
  • Hind hocks
  • Thighs
  • Mane around the neck

Step 6

In this step, use the pin brush for removing the rest hair. Use your hand to go through his coat and take every hair still removing. If you use a pet grooming glove will boost this process. 

It’s better you can brush him weekly. Furthermore, try to give him a good grooming session at least once every month. Brush and comb their coat every day after they begin to shed. 

They require to remove the mats from his hair, which will help move air through his coat.

Does great Pyrenees’ hair grow back?

Great Pyrenees run fast

This is the common problem among first time great Pyrenees owners. Usually, the great Pyrenees are renewing their coat continuously. So don’t worry. Absolutely it will grow back. 

We don’t have to worry about their shedding. Why? Their coat designed by nature for keeping them not only warm but also cool. 

The outer coat works as the guard hairs. It helps keep the heat and moisture out. Furthermore, great Pyrenees’ undercoat is getting thinner by shedding in the summer. Why? Because it helps to cool the skin.

But when we consider their origin, the great Pyrenees specially bred with a thicker undercoat and good outercoat to survive in cold Pyrenees mountains

Important: Do not shave your great Pyrenees during the hot months. Because they need that coat as their protection, it will protect them not only from the cold but also from the sun. It will better if you can arrange a cool place for him. But commonly, the grat Pyrenees usually dig holes in the garden. Then they use it to stay cool.

How fast does great Pyrenees’ hair grow?

Honestly say there is no exact timeline for regrowing their coat. But it can take up to 6 months or a year. The amount of time we can expect their hair to grow back can vary with the individual. 

But compared to other dogs, the speed of their coat growing is relatively fast. Every month you see a difference. We discussed above they have two coats. But their undercoat and outer coat grow at different speeds. 

After great Pyrenees’ shed, their undercoat will grow back quicker than the outer coat. So, the thicker coat will regrow first. 

great Pyrenees be left alone

But the good thing is that we can increase the rate of hair regrowth. You have to brush their hair as much as you can. It’s necessary to brush daily when it start to their coat regrow. But it will not grow back as the great Pyrenees shedding. 

You can feel the roughness when touching the coat. That’s the undercoat as I told before, the guard hair will come after this undercoat.

Regular brushing is necessary as it can tangle up their hair. It will stick to the outer coat.


Most people love these great Pyrenees dogs. But the main problem is that their fur spreads throughout the house. So it’s better to have knowledgeable about the great Pyrenees shedding. This complete article all about it. You can find a quick overview below.

  • Introduction
  • Why is your great Pyrenees shedding so much?
  • Do Great Pyrenees shed all year? 
  • How to stop great Pyrenees shedding?
  • Does great Pyrenees’ hair grow back? 
  • How fast does great Pyrenees’ hair grow?

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