Are yorkies good for first time dog owners? [Owners Guide]

Are yorkies good for first time dog owners

Getting the first dog is so exciting. You should consider loads of things before getting another family member to your family to stay with you for another 10-15 years or so. Most people are curious to know if Yorkies good for first-time dog owners. Let’s figure out whether it can be done or not.

Are Yorkies good for first time dog owners? Since they are small, intelligent, minimal shedding, budget-friendly, loyal, easy to maintain, Yorkies are ideal for first time dog owners. Picky eating, excessive barking, stealing stuff, hard to potty train are possible drawbacks of owning a Yorkie.

What are the needs and wants of Yorkie? How do you want to change your lifestyle? Are they difficult to train? You wanna figure out everything and other relevant factors if you really wanna own a Yorkie as a first time dog owner.

The characteristics of Yorkies, and how do they affect first time owners?

The Yorkshire Terrier, also known as Yorkies, were initially bred to hunt rats in mines, chase and hunt badgers, foxes. That means they have a little bit higher prey drive.

Because there are so many failed stories out there, most people are a little scared to own them. Most people tend to screw everything up at the puppy age of Yorkies. The reason is Yorkies are really stubborn and difficult to train, and especially during Potty training.

So, Before getting a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, You should have a good awareness of their temperament.

  • Intelligent
  • Bold
  • Independent
  • Confident
  • Courageous

Intelligent: Yorkies are a highly intelligent breed. They ranked are ranked the 34th smartest dog breed around the world. So, We can easily say that the intelligence of these dogs is higher than average.

Bold: Usually, Yorkies are really, really bold dogs and naturally curious dogs. They always say “Yes” for adventure walks and exercises. Even you can train Yorkies to run with you!

Independent: Usually, Yorkies are really independent creatures. You got to be always consistent with their training. Otherwise, they will come up with their own rules. They naturally tempt to tightly bond with their owner and extremely loyal and affectionate to the owner. In fact, you got to appreciate its alone time.

Confident: Many dog trainers mention that Yorkies are really confident dog breeds. They tend to trust their owners and family members. In fact, they have a good understanding of the environment around them.

Courageous: Even though Yorkies are a small dog breed, they always ready to stand up for themselves. Although this dog can be the smallest in a dog fight, its courageousness is limitless. But, you got to understand that Yorkies cannot beat other dogs in a fight. So, you should take the necessary steps to save him.

Besides the above typical temperament in Yorkies, most Yorkie owners reported that they found it very hard to train them. Especially the potty training is challenging.

If you would love to own a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, it’s necessary to be extremely mindful. Because taking the wrong approach can actually lead to being an aggressive and stubborn dog. Because these dogs tend to follow the guidelines you were given in the first place. Correcting them can be more complicated than you think.

But, it doesn’t mean that adopting a Yorkie is impossible. So, bear in mind that It can be done with the right approaches.

What type of first-time owner would be a good match for a Yorkie? 

By considering their high attention demand and require a lot of attention, I would like to recommend Yorkies for moderately busy life person.

If you are a person who stays 24X7 at home while working, this would be an ideal situation for a first time Yorkie owner.

But, if you are a person with an extremely tight schedule, this is not the right breed for you. In fact, you cannot adopt any kind of breed.

You know what, dogs love to stick with a daily routine. So, you have to figure out the ideal routine for Yorkies and stick with it.

Prone to several health issues.

Yorkies tent do prone to several health issues. In fact, like other dogs, Yorkies also have their own needs and wants. So, you got to set aside an adequate budget. Are you ready for that?

A little bit stubborn.

As I mentioned above, Yorkies are extremely stubborn creatures. So, patience is the key if you really wanna be successful with a Yorkie as a first time dog owner.

The apartment living

These dogs can easily adapt to apartment living. But the problem here, though, is their energy level is insane relative to their body. Unless you train him to behave correctly, he may not be satisfied with a small living area.

The barking problem.

In fact, these dogs are heavy barkers. It’s essential to control their barking to avoid complaints from your neighbors. Training a dog to prevent barking is quite similar for every dog breed. So, I highly suggest you read “How to stop a Doberman from barking?“.

The nipping behavior

If you want to own a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, Keep in mind that these dogs have terrible nipping behavior. If you do not address the problem at his puppy age, it can get worse.

Get well with children.

We know that Yorkies are an extremely playful dog breed. So, I would like to say that these dogs can make perfect companions with a little bit older kids who have little knowledge to behave with canines.

If you have a newborn baby, Yorkies will not suit you.

Very minimal shedding.

We know that Yorkies have a little bit longer hair. (They don’t have fur. Its hair.) If you are a person who prefers furry dogs that don’t shed, Yorkies are the most ideal dog breed for you. Usually, these dogs are minimal shedders throughout the whole year.

Why Yorkies good for first time dog owners?

There are several reasons why you may want to get a Yorkie. Actually, these reasons are really beneficial for every dog owner. So, let’s figure out what they are.

  • Yorkies are budget dogs.
  • They are really adorable dogs.
  • Yorkies have a hypoallergenic coat.
  • They can get along with other dogs.
  • Yorkies are very loyal dogs.
  • They are really intelligent dogs.
  • Yorkies have a big personality.
  • The small size is an advantage.
  • Easy cleanup and maintenance.
  • Yorkies love to sleep on your lap.
  • Yorkies seem like forever puppies.

Yorkies are budget dogs.

A small size dog means a smaller appetite. A bag of dog food for Yorkies usually tends to last a very long time. You don’t need to spend too much on his needs, which makes it perfect to own a Yorkie as a first-time dog owner.

They are really adorable dogs.

I don’t want to explain. You can see that they are one of the most cutest dogs out there. Take him out for a walk. You will see that people love to cuddle and play with him because Yorkies are extraordinarily adorable and irresistible.

Yorkies have a hypoallergenic coat.

You know what? Only several dogs has beautiful and exotic coats similar to that of Yorkies. As I mentioned above, they don’t shed so much. So, if you are a person with allergies about to buy a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, less shedding makes it suitable for you.

They can get along with other dogs.

Usually, most dogs will try to dominate other dogs. But Yorkies are exceptional and will rather play than pick fights. Usually, they will tolerate other pets skidding around them. This is really adorable in case you have other pets at home.

Yorkies are very loyal dogs.

Usually, Yorkies are incredibly loyal and loving dogs. Not only do they love spending time with you, but they will also truly love you. These loyal dogs love to spend their days happily following their owners around.

While Yorkies may love other people, you will always be the number one human in his/ her mind.

They are really intelligent dogs.

As I mentioned earlier, Yorkies are a really intelligent dog breed, and you can teach him all sorts of fun tricks. Even though potty training can be difficult, obedience training is really relatively easy with Yorkies.

They are highly intelligent with a high need-to-please, which results in them being wonderful students. This is a good reason you should buy a Yorkie as a first-time dog owner.

Yorkies have a big personality.

Most people adopt Yorkies, not realizing how big their personalities really are. This is either a big draw or a major con, depending on what you want in a dog.

Yorkies are little dogs. But, you got to be prepared to treat your 5 pounds Yorkie the same way you would if he were a 100-pound retriever.

In fact, Yorkies need a lot of training. They need to learn obedience. They need to be socialized just like any other dog. If not, their personalities may take over. Instead of a pleasant, friendly dog, you will get an aggressive ankle biter.

The small size is an advantage.

If you are about to buy a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, having a small dog will make you more knowledgeable about adopting a dog.

Their small structure makes them ideal pets.

In fact, they can’t reach and grab stuff off the table. They can also be carried into many stores. They can even sit in the cabin on airplane flights instead of the cold and often dangerous cargo hold.

Easy cleanup and maintenance.

Usually a common complaint of any dog owner is the need to constantly clean up the shed or fur in the house. However, the Yorkies have hair, not fur, and sheds very little.

Yorkies love to sleep on your lap.

The label lap dogs have been given to Yorkies because they absolutely love sleeping on your lap. It can give you an amazing opportunity to cuddle and bond with your dog.

Yorkies seem like forever puppies.

Have you ever wished your dog could stay as a puppy forever? Well, Yorkie puppies are amazing. What’s even more appealing is they continue to look like a puppy even when they have fully grown.

Why are Yorkies not suitable for First time dog owners?

If you are about to get a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, there are several reasons why you might not wanna get one. After reading them, Decide if Yorkies are suitable for you.

  • Yorkies never leave you alone.
  • They keep stealing stuff.
  • They distract you by being adorable.
  • When you have small children.
  • When they meet other dogs.
  • Picky eaters.
  • Potty training

Yorkies never leave you alone.

If you are about to buy a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, be aware that they will never let you spend personal time alone. He will try to cuddle with your hand even as he falls asleep.

They keep stealing stuff.

Usually, Yorkies are naturally tempted to steal your stuff, like they steal your socks, your food and the worse thing ever, they would steal your heart!

In fact, if your Yorkie is strongly obsessed with you, he will try to chew your wife’s shoes and other belongings.

They distract you by being adorable.

As we know, Yorkies are an extremely adorable breed, and their adorableness won’t let you get any work done.

When you have small children.

If you have small children and about to buy a Yorkie as a first time dog owner, be mindful that children can easily get bitten by dogs. Because when your kid never learned to be gentle with dogs, some problematic occasions can arise.

When they meet other dogs.

Suppose you go to dog parks with your Yorkie. Be aware that you got to properly socialized him to avoid some unnecessary accidents.

Even though Yorkies tiny dog breeds, they tend to think that they are more significant than other dogs. In fact, Yorkies are a little bit territorial and not especially tolerant with other dogs.

Because of this matter, these dogs are tempted to challenge other dogs at some point. Anyone can tell that their size is a huge disadvantage.

Picky eaters.

Usually, Yorkies are Picky eaters. You got to make a considerable effort to eliminate this problem.

Potty training

It can take a little longer to potty train your Yorkie; some people say that these dogs can’t be housetrained. But that’s not true. But, I can bet you that they won’t learn in a week. It requires loads of effort with patience, positive reinforcement, and especially consistency.

Things to be aware of

I hope now you have a good idea if Yorkies are good for first time dog owners. But that’s not enough. So, you got to be aware of several other things. Let’s figure out what they are.

Highly dependent: Usually, Yorkies are highly dependent dogs that seek loads of attention. In fact, you won’t be able to go on a trip. Indeed you will have to bring him with you. I mean, you cannot handle them by keeping a kennel. They don’t handle being kept in a kennel for boarding very well.

Don’t get a puppy during the winter: Here is the fact. If you wanna socialize with your puppy, you will definitely have to go outside. That’s why I don’t suggest you get a Yorkie during the winter.


Most people love to own these cute furry canines. But are Yorkies good for first time dog owners? We have discussed everything about it and other relevant factors throughout this article. I hope you found this helpful. Have a nice day!